May 14th 2015 .


2nd of August 2012 ---- Parade of the Silly Ducks in the Combined Sewer System of Berlin

2nd of August 2012 --- Alex goes a splishin and a splashin with the Spree-Princess in the Landwehrkanal. Wrote "Rubberducky" song extra for this. Enjoy!

26th Juli 2012 ---- Alex sings underwater Jazz in the Landwehrkanal and gives a rare solo performance afterward

20.Juli 2012 ---- Alex gets a Luke Skywalker haircut and discusses it with his Ukrainian conversationalist.

18th of June 2012 - The Chocolate Brush/ Chocolate Time
Alex and his girlfriends explore in this art performance the brown side of chocolate and the various way it makes people happy.

July 5th 2012

Teaser and Invitation to the opening of the Lovehaus and Tornado Exhibition.

July 3rd 2012

The Music-video "Girlfriend, I'll be there, love, xoxo" was inspired by the thunderstorm raging over Kreuzberg and Berlin on July 1st.

24 June 2012

In the series MUT ZUR KUNST / BRAVE ART the short film "Picture of an Exhibition" / Bewegte Bilder einer Ausstellung

22 June 2012

Haushalt Time - How to clean a stove.

16 June 2012

Moving into the Waterloo. I am preparing the wonderful arrival at the Waterloo. The Waterloo is my new artistic home. I hope to meet you there soon. If you are nice. So far we've done sone really lovely things. I had my hair cut in the back after I washed it with 4711. I have a great Luke Skywalker haircut now. Video coming up.You can drop me a line in my Guestbook. Energy!